The aim of this WP is to reach common understanding of the concepts and content as a basis for the adoption of new pedagogical and working model of the internationalization and project cycle management, as very important subjects to develop.

Initiation of project implementation work package includes:

Organization of the workshop on project management;
Organization of the kick-off meeting where project bodies will be established;

Preparation of an international relation and project cycle management strategy to cover all project areas and skills mismatches that this action aims to address.
This WP will begin with the Kick-off meeting, following by online platform and Kosovar and Albanian network. The Kick off meeting is the first meeting of the project and therefore during the meeting principles and procedures of the project management will be introduced.

The lead organization is UKZ, which will create an online platform, in order to better communicate with partners in advance. The content of the Kick-Off-seminar is entrusted to Programme partners.

All mobility acitivites will be also include students, but due to the budgt form, we chose only staff, but together with partners, we have foreseen to include students as much as possible, when having mobility activities, whenever there is importance to include them, in which case they will increase the value of outputs.

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