WP 3 – DEVELOPMENT (Equipment purchase)

Within this WP equipment will be purchased for equipping the IC/PMs, in order to improve its infrastructure. This way the condition for performing the tasks of IC/PMs office will be improved, and the HEIs in the region will be able to more effectively perform related tasks to enhance the quality in teaching, learning, students’ services and administration. In order to enable the purchase of equipment, the WP comprises of following deliverables: Identification / checking the needed equipment; Preparation of the tender procedure; Launch of the tender; Equipment purchase and contracting.

There are 8 steps of procurement procedures, according to the law in Kosovo :

  1. Planning of the process of procurement ;
  2. Plannig of the tender value and contract clasification ;
  3. The finalization of the procurement procedure ;
  4. Preparation of the tender dossier ;
  5. Publishing of the tender ;
  6. Opening and the evaluation of the tender ;
  7. Announcement of the winner and the signing procedure of the contrat ;
  8. Managing the contract.

This process of procurement can last in Kosovo up to maximum six months.

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