WP 5 – DEVELOPMENT (Trainings at all levels)

A number of management, teaching and administrative staff will be trained respectively in project writing, international relations, and in managing staff and student mobilities. All training will be hands-on with concrete products at the end of the training. Training will be implemented jointly by trained and certified IC and PM office staff pairing with respective trainers from EU partner institutions. All materials used for project staff will also be used for training of management, teaching and administrative staff whenever applicable.

Training/workshops for project management and training for management of staff and student mobilities will also be implemented using the tailor made software developed through activities of the WP 4.1 and WP 4.2.

All mobility acitivites will be also include students, but due to the budget form, we chose only staff, but together with partners, we have foreseen to include students as much as possible, when having mobility activities, whenever there is importance to include them, in which case they will increase the value of outputs.

Training/workshops: 1 : 08/09/2021-10/09/2021 UET in Tirana
Training/workshops: 2 : 13/10/2021-15/10/2021 Heimerer in Prishtina
Training/workshops: 3 : 19/01/2021-21/01/2022 UAMD, Durres
Training/workshops: 4 : 24/02/2022-26/02/2022 UKZ, Gjilan
Training/workshops: 16/03/2022-18/03/2022 UHZ, Peja

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