The work package Quality assurance includes procedures, activities and events necessary to reach in order to maintain a high level of quality of the project and its outputs. The package includes drafting and developing of its main reports.

The aim of this WP is to ensure that the Project is implemented as it is planned in terms of time, quality and cost. The empowerment method is applied from the beginning, which triggers a relatively higher level of active participation by the partners, and is associated with great potential of remedial.
The internal evaluation team which will be led by the UGJFA, consists of representatives from UKZ, UNS, UNISTRAPG, UET, and UNIKO. The HEIs have the main responsibility of the evaluation and are also provided resources for that. UKZ coordinates the visits and reports of the external evaluator. Its work methods include checklists, peer- reviews, empowerment evaluations and meeting minutes. It closely coordinates the quality control procedures and needed modifications with the Steering Committee.

The regular monitoring contributes to three dimensions: 1. Ensure that the processes and outputs are being implemented at the adequate level of quality, 2. Stimulate collaboration between partners, and 3. Develops relevant competences to be used in the post-project development of internationalization and project cycle management.

The digital platform will be extensively utilized for ensuring the proper flow of information; meetings minutes, checklist and short report based on the empowerment evaluations for each WP will be published on it. The leader of each WP is responsible to update the respective checklist. Other forms of ensuring the accuracy of information are emails and phone calls. Whenever any deviation occurs, remedial actions will be undertaken by the consortium members.
Lastly, reports to the Erasmus+ office and to the project actors will be delivered twice a year.

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