Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Dissemination is one of the core activities of the Quality development of international cooperation and project management project to ensure successful performance of planned activities and for project transparency, visibility and sustainability. The activities related to dissemination will start from the very beginning of the project – and will continue during its realization and after its completion as a permanent process which is important to raise the awareness of establishment and successful development of international cooperation and project management structures in Kosovo and Albania.
At the beginning, the project website and social network site (Facebook) will be developed in order to make the project visible in social networks, and ensure that the information is regularly updated during the whole life cycle of the project.
The D&E plan will include information about the organization and holding of a wide range of promotional and informative events (such as open hours during the meetings; workshops or educational activities; institutional, local, national or international promotions, participation at professional gatherings, etc.) aiming to promote the project significance and its results.

Also the D&E plan is going to be developed and implemented according to the significance of dissemination activities under the Erasmus+ projects guidelines: “Having a strong plan for dissemination and exploitation from the beginning of a project is a key priority and should form an integral part of the CBHE throughout its lifetime. The objective of dissemination and exploitation is to maximize the impact of project results by optimizing their value, strengthening their impact, transferring them to different contexts, integrating them in a sustainable way and using them actively in systems and practices at local and international levels”, (Erasmus + Programme, 2018, p.8).
In general, the Dissemination and Exploration Plan aims to widen the dissemination of knowledge, information and guidance. It includes a wide range of activities, tasks and events aiming to spread information about the project, and to exploit the results in the best and most professional way. Dissemination plan extends beyond project life; the long lasting usage of project results is secured by careful planning of methods and means which will be used for dissemination.

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