The next meeting of the QUADIC Steering Committee was held

In this meeting various issues were discussed, starting from the comments of the partners for the minutes of Rond Table in Korça, for which all the partners emphasized that the necessary changes have been adapted.

The project coordinator asked the partners to fill in the questionnaires that UGJFA is sending after each meeting in order to evaluate the activities that we are having.

It was also discussed about the next activity to be held at the University of Gjrokastra, for which all regional partners had agreed, while the possibility of participation from partners from France, Italy, Bulgaria and Slovenia was impossible due to the restrictions that the country has in relation to the situation created by COVID 19.

The Steering Committee has decided that mobility in Gjirokastra will be the last for 2020, due to the fact that the Coordinator wants a higher direct impact from European partners.

However, the European partners in the next activity will contribute through presentations and direct involvement in the activity.
Training in Gjirokastra will be held on November 15-18 at EUÇG.
The questionnaire for WP1, point 1.3 / Development of the Relation and Project cycle management plan was also discussed. Prof. Dukagjin said that we are sending this questionnaire and asked the partners to respond on this.

From the discussion it was emphasized that the responsible partners have sent this brief questionnaire to all partners and today is the deadline for submitting them. Until the end of this week we will send the results and a brief report based on responses you have provided.

As the last point, the project coordinator requested from partners who did not send the financial reporting documents to send them as soon as possible.

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