Sustainability Plan of QUADIC

This document was developed to design a strategy which assures the sustainability of the QUADIC project’s results and impacts after its lifetime. This approach matches with the consortium desire for a continuous improvement of the project quality, but also with the EACEA requirements. Indeed, sustainability is an essential concept to consider in the project management.

The QUADIC consortium decided to define a Sustainability Plan whose main purpose is to provide guidelines on sustainability strategy, tasks and responsibilities, specially:

– To help partners to understand the sustainability goals and the importance of this concept in the context of QUADIC project;

– To establish the implementation process of the sustainability strategy;

– To provide a clear picture of what could be done to ensure long-lasting results;

– To define the sustainability activities and distribute tasks and responsibilities among partners

The QUADIC project is vowed to improve project management and international cooperation of the HEIs of Kosovo and Albania. It is indeed a compliant project, enrolled in a modern dynamic of Europeanisation and internationalization of the HEIs, and more largely, of the societies to the globalization era.

By laying the foundation of a modern internationalized HEI, it is now committed to a more open and inclusive education. This is the reason why the sustainability plan recommends strengthening the commitment of the institutions to the international cooperation management they have developed, starting with the general awareness of the importance of such action.  The dissemination of support material promoting this goal will be the first step to approach students, staff, politicians, young generations and other external stakeholder, and to reveal the need for them to upgrade the internationalization of their institutions.

In the meantime, it is necessary to keep updated on the modern practices in internationalization, and therefore reactivity and adaptability to changes will be central to the project sustainability. The relevant staff groups thus need to be introduced to adaptability challenges, and partners have to make sure the change of staff won’t prevent the new staff members to be sensitized to the question. The role of the staff is preeminent, and the latter need to actively participate in a proactive manner by adjustive and responsive systems. Revising the job descriptions and functions will give an inclusive framework, and establish the basis of their functions.

Such a recognition can only by valuable for them. If needed, the governments must supply the funds required to the workload performed. These recommendations will undeniably contribute to transform the HEIs. The precise measures thereafter described will give a more concrete view of the expected sustainability plan.

The sustainability Plan can be seen here.

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