Dissemination and exploitation of results is an integral part of the project framework and dissemination activities are essential to the project’s success and sustainability, and have been built into this project from its early stages. Using a variety of dissemination techniques, the outcomes of the project will be made available to a wider audience of potential beneficiaries throughout Kosovo, Region and Europe.
First of all, dissemination is a key aim of the project’s awareness-raising campaign and dissemination campaign. The campaign(s) will launch immediately in the beginning of the project and will run until the end of the project, even after the project, we will keep alive the idea, which has increased our capacities in two ways – Internationalization and project management in HEI.
In the beggining of the Project implementation phase, a project web-site will be created, which will be the main source of all information for the Project activities and its results. This web-site will be also directly linked to the websites of all partner institutions of this project.
A project Brochure, containing the main features of the project will be printed and distributed to different stakeholders of the Project. The summary of the book of best practices that will provides thoughtful and practical direction to student learning, supported by relevant research and best experience of the EU and regional partners will be published.
A project Newsletter will also be published on a quarterly basis and distributed to a data base of students, university managers, stakeholders and project participants as well as interested parties outside the Consortia such as ministries, institutes and other stakeholders.
Specific events of the Project such as meetings, workshops and seminars of the various topics are seen themselves as dissemination events and will be publicised using fliers, formal brochures, posters, data CDs and local radio advertising, supported by planned media appearances by local project leaders.
Also are foreseen immediately after each activity a local dissemination events in all consortium countries, run by each HEI and its participants– those will focus on sharing good practice in internationalizations work with other academic and administrative staff – professionals in their communities – education institutions, national and local government authorities and international organisations that suport HEI in Kosovo.
Social networking media such as Facebook and Twitter will also be utilised to publicise and disseminate the activities and outcomes of the Project.
A press kit, containing a press release, short article and video clip of the project and its actiities will be developed each year and supplied to the media – who will also be invited to the main project events.
MEST, exclusively the Director of Higher Education department will be specifically kept in the loop of events, by informing them of the progress of the project to ensure that the lessons of this project are taken on board at policy level.
Local dissemination events in all consortium countries, run by participants that were attending trainings, which will be in the format of short 1-day workshops on the use of different online awareness-raising campaign, managed by the project Communications Team.
This will be run through a dedicated website and on social media: we plan to set up a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a Youtube channel and an Instagram account; This will happen also through all the consortium member websites and facebook pages as well.
The online campaign will consist of two elements: centralised, using outputs generated at the workshop, training, mobility, and using project publications (newsletters) and decentralised level – local campaigning materials developed by each of the consortium member, including their dissemination event materials;
Large scale event in Gjilan, in co-operation with MEST, Kosovo Accreditation Agency, EU Office in Kosovo, GIZ, USAID, etc and we will team up with Kosovo media and local education establishments to bring together more than 50 persons from different institutions to discuss their views on international cooperation and to share activities with them; we aim to obtain support by the Kosovo Government and Kosovo Accreditation Agency and other International Organizations, which will assure high media attention and will allow us to further disseminate project results and also assure visibility of the EU and Erasmus+ Programme as our main sponsor.
As mentioned above, our project aims to be a springboard for long-term co-operation. We will keep the brand (Internationalization and project management of HEI in Kosovo) and use it to set up a sustainable network of organisations that will address international cooperation and project management, using training and campaigning techniques developed within this project.

Exploitation of Results. Some of the project results will be exploited during the life of the project at all Project Partner HEI. These results will begin to be produced from about the second half of the year of the Project, while other Project results will appear in a later stage, after the start of activities. And as well, some of the results of the project will appear after the end of the project and will continue to be exploited then. These, of course, will contribute to the sustainability of project achievements.

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