WP 7 – DEVELOPMENT (HEI Association Establishment – RECON)

The RECON foundation will happen at a 5-days working meeting at TUS. Thus we will have enough time to discuss the Association’s Statute, mission, and vision.
3 teachers from all the institutions will be present working on developing the statute and the strategic document of the Association that will contain its mission and its vision. Prior to that UP, UKZ, UNIKO, TUS, will develop a working draft of these documents and through workshopping partners will come to an ideal version. UKZ is in charge of publishing this document.

We will choose the president and the secretary of the Association to coordinate the Association work for 3 years, after which the Association members will vote for the new coordination pair. UP, UKZ, UNIKO and TUS will invest 20 manager, 5 technician, and 10 administrative days in organizing this event and reporting.
UKZ will invest additional 10 manager days in publishing the documents, in English and local languages, and distributing them widely.

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