Quality Assurance Plan

The purpose of the Quality Assurance Plan is to define the actions and measures taken by each partner in the project in order to ensure that not only are the activities described in the application completed according to the Work Plan but also that the quality of these activities are of an appropriate standard and that they are in line with the QA procedures in EU universities as well as in compliance with the contractual requirements of the Project.
For the Quality Assurance Plan to progress smoothly, it is recognized that all partners must be provided with the relevant information about the Quality Assurance Plan of the Project and the Quality Assurance procedures that will be followed for all activities, particularly those related to the WP for which they are responsible.
Furthermore, WP8 Leaders will develop a Questionnaire for the participants of all project activities to evaluate the quality of these activities and provide feedback to WP Leaders and the Management Committee. The questionnaire will be done based on each activity and its content, including the general questions about the event and acitivity.
The QAC will organize qualitative reviews to be conducted twice per year by each WP and by Partner institutions. WP and Partner reports will use a critical self-assessment forms (Annex I and Annex II) and will be evaluated in conjunction with other management tools such as the Review of Deliverables (Annex III) and the Work Progress Summary Report Form (Annex IV). The principle of the QACs approach to Quality Assurance for the project will be light-touch self-evaluation, with the main purpose of identification of short-fall in the direction of the project and any issues that might militate against the full achievement of project objectives.
Following the biannual reviews, the QAC will prepare evaluation reports for the Project Management Committee (PMC), which will, in turn, notify all the partners on the issues related to project quality (Annex V). The QAC reports will focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set for the activities of each package and the whole project (outputs, outcomes). QAC reports will also consider performance measures such as participation levels in meetings and activities against those planned, for both staff and students, an assessment of effective communication within the partnership, including the website, and the effective management of the project (Annex VI).
The Project Manager will be in charge of the documentation and record keeping for all activities of the Project. All Reports will be kept by the Coordinating Institution as part of its contractual obligations. The QAC will organize qualitative reviews to be conducted twice per year by each WP and by Partner institutions.
The implementation of the above procedures will be monitored closely to ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Assurance Plan. Below are provided the guidelines and procedures for quality control and monitoring and the responsible person for these activities. These will be shared to all the partners, and specifically to the WP leaders.

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