The Quality Control Board held its next meeting

The QUADIC project partners held the next Quality Control Board meeting in which several topics were addressed.

The first topic was Quality Plan. This plan has been shared with all partners via email and it is also in the QUADIC Google share drive. All partners has seen it and some of them have sent comments to the coordinator. At today’s meeting the Quality Plan was approved.

Second topic was Postpone mobility activities due to Pandemic, for which after certain explanations, it was rumored that trips to Slovenia and from Slovenia to Kosovo and Albania oblige 14-day quarantine, while the French authorities currently allow travel to Kosovo and Albania having negative tests, but that this can change at any time. The Bulgarian government also allows travel only if a negative test is required for each person entering the country.

The project coordinator requested all partners to send a report with activities implemented in their institution until nowadays. This report should contain all activities and tasks which a partner institution has occurred or any dissemination activity.

Also, all partners were asked to send information for the person responsible in the Quality Board, in order to send directly the invitation to them and to not disturb the others engaged in other bodies.

Partners were also asked to send their reporting documents while the first phase in finished now.

For some of the points it was agreed to be placed in the steering committee.

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