The second day of QUADIC Training was held in Prizren

In the framework of the QUADIC project – Quality development of international cooperation and project management, project of the Public University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan, won in the program ERASMUS + Cooperation for Innovation and the exchange of good Practices, in the call of Capacity Building in Higher Education – Joint Projects, the second day of the three-day workshop is following.

The second day of the training aims to train and harmonize the academic and administrative staff, especially the IT of the respective institutions with the software application and the virtual platform in staff capacity building, which can be used in a wide variety, as for International Cooperation, Mobility, International and local projects, in various reports and also by students.

In this event which is being held at the University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren, are participating all local and international partners, a total of 18 representatives of Higher Education Institutions, some of whom are directly connected through online platforms due to the situation with COVID-19.
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