At “Kadri Zeka” University, a three-day workshop has started within the framework of the QUADIC Project

The impacts of the projects are various, especially in the case of the QUADIC Project, which is coordinated by the “Kadri Zeka” Public University, where many international, regional and local partners are staying in Gjilan, the main purpose of the workshop is to present the results achieved so far according to the description of the project by each partner.

The attendees were informed in detail by the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Projects Prof. Assoc. Dr. Dukagjin Leka for the achievements of the project in question as well as for the next steps and the next workshops that will be held.

Professor Emidio Diodato from the University of Perugia from Italy and Professor Elisa Fiorucci from the University of Barcelona from Spain also made their presentations!

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