At the University in Shkodër, a workshop for the dissemination of information on the Erasmus+ QUADIC project was held

In this event,18 institutions of higher education have participated, project partners, from Kosovo, Albania, France, Italy, Slovenia and Bulgaria.
The purpose of the event in the non-partner Universities, such as in Ferizaj and Shkodër, is to share the achievements as concrete results that the partner institutions in Kosovo and Albania have benefited from. According to the presentations by the partners, the results are tangible and the impact of the project has been high in the growth and development of international cooperation and projects.
“Kadri Zeka” Public University is the coordinator of the QUADIC project; and with the agreement of all partners, it is intended to be applied with the Erasmus+ QUADIC 2 project, which will have new objectives in the field of internationalization of higher education institutions in Kosovo and Albania.

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