Quality Control Board

Project Quality Control Board will be leaded by UGjFA and will be supported by all partners. It will mainly focus on the quality implementation of the project. Quality Assurance (QA) focuses on the processes utilized in the project efficiently to generate quality project deliverables. It includes the following meeting standards, progressive enhancing project work and eliminating project defects.

Quality Assurance assures the quality of the deliverables/activities, meaning that this process ensures that the deliverables/activities were generated free from defects and conforms to all stated requirements from the EACEA. It is said to be a process-based approach whose primary objective is to prevent defects in deliverables at the planning stage, in order to avoid rework, which increases the chances to have delays in implementation and as well as in quality of its deliverables/activities of the project.. Quality Assurance can also be viewed upon as a proactive process and it places importance on planning, documentation, and guidelines finalization that will be needed to assure the quality implementation of the project. This process begins at the very start of the project – kick off meeting, in order to assess the quality since the beginning of the project.

The Quality board members list can be seen here.